New Pokedolls: Genesect, Venusaur and Blastoise!

Pokemon was first released in Japan in 1996. Over 15 years later, we finally have Pokedolls of Venusaur and Blastoise, 2 of the most well known Pokemon from the first Pokemon games ever!

Charizard is not included in this set because it’s already available. Twice in fact! It was first sold in Pokemon Center stores across Japan in 2010. Last December, they re-released it probably so collectors can complete the Kanto Pokedolls set when the Venusaur Pokedoll and Blastoise Pokedoll went on sale last month.

Genesect is also included in this set to promote the new Pokemon movie. I wonder if the Pokemon Centers will release another Pokedolls set before the movie comes out? Just so you know, we still don’t have a Pokedoll of Mewtwo…Pokedolls sets usually come in sets of 3. If they were to release another set before the movie, I predict any of the following 4 Pokemon: Mewtwo, Red Genesect, Mewtwo’s new form or Sylveon.

Looking to add one of these Pokedolls to your collection? Head over to our friend, Pokevault!

Venusaur Pokedoll

Blastoise Pokedoll

Genesect Pokedoll

Charizard Pokedoll


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