Pokemon X and Pokemon Y to include new fossil Pokemon?

Has the Pokemon Company spilled the beans by uploading the picture below to their website?

In the picture, two Team Flare grunts are seen telling the players about their plan to make some money by restoring fossils. Does this mean there will be new fossil Pokemon to come? I sure hope so! Although I have yet to use any fossil Pokemon in my team, it’s still cool to see new ones. Since the beginning of Pokemon, a new batch of fossil Pokemon have been introduced with each generation except for the second generation. Why stop the tradition now?

Now for some fun: which fossil Pokemon is your favourite? Secondly, if you could choose any two prehistoric creatures to be made into Pokemon, which two would you choose?

My favourite fossil Pokemon would have to be Kabutops. Just look at how epic and threatening it looks! For my fossil Pokemon wishes, I choose the following:

Liopleurodon. Perhaps Rock/Dark type since there are so many Rock/Water fossil Pokemon already.

Spinosaurus. Perhaps Rock/Dragon type?

Source: www.pokemon.com