Alola region’s starters’s final evolutions all but confirmed!

Not too long ago, some rumors about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon made their way onto the internet. They were supposedly leaked by the team in charge of localizing the games in Chinese. With the recent information dump on August 1st, it’s almost safe to say that at least some of the rumors are true, specifically the starter’s final evolution. Found in Litten’s final evolution concept art is an image of Ash and another female character. The character looks very much like Mallow, one of the trial captains in the Alola region.

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Although their types have not been confirmed, many fans have speculated that Litten’s final evolution is Fire/Fighting… -__-;;

If that’s enough, some more rumors have surfaced! As they have not been confirmed, please take them with a grain of salt!

  • The anime’s Ash-Greninja will appear in the game
  • Alolan Rattata & Raticate are Dark-type
  • Alolan Butterfree is Bug/Psychic
  • Alolan Abra, Kadabra & Alakazam are Fighting-type
  • Alolan Nidoking & Nidoqueen are Poison/Fighting-type
  • Alolan Growlithe & Arcanine are Water-type
  • Alolan Doduo & Dodrio are Fighting/Flying-type
  • The previous versions of Pokémon which have taken on new forms will only be accessible by bringing in from older games
  • Furfrou gets new styles
  • New cat Pokémon varies in type and appearance based on breeding
  • There is a new snowman Pokémon line with two stages and it is Ice/Ghost
  • Not to get hopes up, but there may be two final evolutions for each starter
  • There will be no traditional Gyms and no Pokémon League in Alola. Your goal is to actually create one. After you do, an Elite 4 will appear which are the leaders of each island
  • The final starter evolutions will be an Archer, a Wrestler and a Siren
  • The diamond stones will be collectible throughout the region and act similarly to Mega Stones but not exactly
  • New Pokémon based on a dolphin, sea cucumber, snowman, mushroom and a rugby monkey are there
  • Rockruff’s evolution is a Werewolf
  • Mashadow, another copyrighted Pokémon name, has a very unique type combo

Source: Neogaf, Pokejungle