Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon’s villainous team revealed! Meet Team Skull!

The official Pokemon website has posted a new video showcasing some of the new Pokemon and Alolan region Pokemon that were covered in Corocoro. The video also included the first shot of the new villainous team: Team Skull!

Up first is Guzma. He’s the leader of Team Skull and looks like he’s going through a hip-hop phase and is on the verge of a mid-life crisis.

Next  up is Plumeria. Her name looks like a mix of pummel and ballerina. She definitely looks like someone you don’t want to encounter in a dark alley. By the way, Avril Lavigne from 2007 called. She said she wants her look back.

Last and most certainly least, we have the typical male and female grunts of the evil group. After 7 generations, you would think Game Freak would take the time and make variations each of the grunts. Seriously, at least change their hair style or something!

Source: www.pokemon.com