New fossil Pokemon in the Alola region?!?

Ever since the first Pokemon games were released, a new set of fossil Pokemon has been introduced with every new generation. The only exception to this was Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Many fans considered them an extension of Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow so they don’t really count.

Seeing how there has been a steady introduction of fossil Pokemon, is it safe to assume that we will get a new set of fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon? My answer to this is “why not?”. With the release of the latest Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon trailer, we might be one step closer to confirming that this is real. During the Pyukumuku scene, we could see it summoning  a bunch of rocks to launch at its foe. The rocks were later revealed to have fossil perserved within them!

In the picture above, you can clearly see a shell fossil and fossils of a partial rib. Can these fossils potentially belong to new fossil Pokemon found within the Alola region? Since the Alola region is based on the islands of Hawaii, the fossil Pokemon, if there are any, will likely be based around early prehistoric aquatic creatures or giant land birds.

As for me, I would personally like to see a fossil Pokemon based on a Mosasaurus. Perhaps a Rock/Poison or Rock/Dark type? :D

Below are the current Pokemon fossils in existence:

If you got to choose, which prehistoric creatures would you like to see introduced in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon?