New Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon information released!

A new video was released today showcasing even more new Pokemon, characters, and gameplay from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon! First up are the new Pokemon:

  • New Pokémon: Type: Null (Normal type. Ability: Battle Armor)
  • New Pokémon: Jangmo-o (Dragon type. Ability: Bulletproof / Soundproof)
  • New Alola Form: Raticate (Dark / Normal type. Ability: Gluttony / Hustle)

Next up, we have a number of new characters. First up is the Aether Foundation.

Their goal is to care fo Pokemon that have been hurt. From left to right: Lusamine, Faba, Wicke, and the Aether Foundation employees (or grunts if they turn out to be bad ;P)

Gladion is a Team Skull member, and his position is called “Enforcer”. If you look closely, his hair is blonde and eyes are green just like Lusamine and Lillie

Dexio and Sina, Professor Sycamore’s assistant from the Kalos region, also make an appearance in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon! I wonder what other cameos we can expect to see?

As you may have already heard, Zygarde and its multiple other forms will be making an appearance in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. What role it will play is still a mystery.

A new feature coming to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is the Poke Finder! With this new feature, you can take pictures of Pokemon in the wild. Pokemon Snap anyone?

Finally, the most interesting and mysterious new thing to come out from today’s video are Ultra Beasts. According to the Pokemon website, Ultra Beasts posses mighty powers and could pose a threat to humans and Pokemon. There are multiple Ultra Beasts, and they are each called by a code name. Are they a new breed of Pokemon? The one you see above is called UB-01.

If you have not seen the videos yet, check them out below: