Pokemon Black and White holiday plushies!

Images of this year’s Pokemon Black and White holiday plushies are here! These plushies will be released later this year in Japan and are made by Banpresto.


 Pokemon Black and White 2011 Christmas plushies: This set includes Litwick, Cubchoo, Oshawott, Pansage and Lillipup. The 3 bigger monkey plushies in front are from a different set. Anyone else noticed that their expressions are identical to the Pokedolls? Looks like Pansear is the bashful one, Pansage is the happy one and Panpour is the joyful one. Maybe GAME FREAK should design 4 more elemental monkeys in the next games to compete against the seven dwarves from the Snow White story. lol

Pokemon Black and White 2011 Halloween plushies: This set includes Lampent, Minccino, Axew, Purrloin and Pikachu.

Source: Dengeki, Pkmncollectors

I have some more Pokemon movie 14 merchandise to post but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I also forgot to make a Shopping Sunday post yesterday. Fail. :/ I’ll post one tomorrow as well!