Upcoming Pokemon TCG set to introduce a new type!

A new Pokemon TCG set called Dragon Selection has been announced and will be released on January 27th in Japan.

What’s unique about this set is that it will only include Dragon-type Pokemon. So far, only Rayquaza, Haxorus and Druddigon have been confirmed to be included in this set, as shown in the booster pack above. Other Dragon-type Pokemon from the other regions are expected to be included as well.

The biggest shocker, however, that was revealed with the announcement of the Dragon Selection set is that a Dragon-type element will be added to the Pokemon TCG!

Currently, the Pokemon TCG game only uses 9 elements: Colorless, Darkness, Metal, Lightning, Water, Fire, Grass, Fighting and Psychic.

With the addition of the Dragon-type element this upcoming January, it’ll nicely round out the elements to 10.

I bet the addition of the Dragon-type element will introduce a new level of game play and strategies. Do you think the Pokemon TCG should introduce more elements in the future?

Source: Collectorviper