How to create a Fakemon

I know creating a Fakemon is an entirely new concept for some of our members here so I thought it would be a great idea to make a “how to” guide to share my process on how I create one.

Before I begin, I should mention that I enjoy drawing and digital painting as a hobby and am in no way a professional artist. This is also my own process that I use. You may have your own that you follow that is better. If so, you can just skip this post.

With that said, let’s begin!

First and foremost, before I even begin sketching, I like to brainstorm ideas. I wanted to create a Fakemon that’s based off an animal or creature that Game Freak hasn’t used yet. I really enjoy Greek and Roman mythology and the creatures that are in them so I Googled Greek and Roman mythology as part of my research. There were many creatures to choose from, but I settled on the Minotaur because I really enjoyed its legend.

The next step in my process is to gather reference images for my Fakemon. I used the Google image search engine to find all of the images above. You’ll notice that I didn’t include any images of the Minotaur in the reference images above. The reason is because I didn’t want my Fakemon to be influenced by other artist’s depiction of the Minotaur . I only needed to know how a bull looks like and its colors.

There is actually another step before this one, and it involves me sketching the Minotaur in many different looks and poses. I chose not to include it because it was pretty messy. :P Anyways, I settled on the pose and look above and began creating the lineart for it.

I then began the coloring process. I experimented with many different palettes but chose the one above because I thought it looked nice. Here’s my poor attempt at mimicking Ken Sugimori’s coloring style. FAIL!

Here’s the final image, along with my made-up Pokedex entry and corny name for it. XD

Final words

After looking through the Pokedex, I noticed two things that really stuck out in terms of Pokemon design. Firstly, with the exception of a few such as Dialga and Palkia, most Pokemon had really basic designs. Now I don’t mean that in a bad way! I just meant they aren’t overly complex. The second thing I noticed are the number of colors used for each Pokemon. I think of the entire Pokedex, a majority of Pokemon had a maximum of 4 colors for their design. Take a look at Ho-oh as an example. It is regarded as the Rainbow Pokemon, however, it is only limited to 5 colors, and Rainbows usually have 7 or more colors.

As a reminder, we will be judging your Fakemon based on creativity, but we will also be looking to see how close it fits in the Pokemon world. If your idea looks great but it looks like it belongs in another series such as Yugioh or Digimon then you might lose some points.

In closing, I hope you find this guide a bit helpful in creating your own Fakemon. Have fun and we look forward to your submissions!

P.S: I know many of you have signed up for a Deviantart account for this contest. Here’s my gallery if you want to add me: Frugrow’s Deviantart I add back!