Pokemon Black and White Caption This Thursday

Welcome to this week’s Caption This Thursday post!

First off, here are the winners from last week’s post:

Megawott (1st place – 3 entries)

Cilan: (grunting) I….t-t-told you…..I can d-do…..one-h-h-handed…….p-p-p-pushups. (gasps) *collapses*
Ash: YAY! I win the bet! You owe me twenty bucks! …………Cilan?

Victini9 (tied 2nd – 1 entry)

Ash: Cilan I told you you shouldn’t have made beans
Iris: uh oh its coming!
Ash: RUN!
cilan: (TOOOOT)
Ash: that smalls worse than a skunktank
Iris: no joke!

joltik22 (tied 2nd place – 1 entry)

iris:i told u not 2 go 4 the soon sale so early in the morning.
ash:(whispers) iris, werent u 1 of the people that ran over him?
iris:(whispers) shut it ash!


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